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Personal Protection Pistol - Phase 2
Personal Protection Pistol - Phase 2 

A continuation of the Phase 1 program. This 1 day course will bring all your previous skill into play as well as add advanced tactics and gunfighting techniques.

Advanced immediate action drills will be combined with 1 and 2 hand shooting. Including strong and weak hand reloading and firing.

Breaking your plane, barriers, unstable shooting platforms will increase your overall skill.

You will learn how to effectively deal with stress and the "Tachy Psychy" effect.

We will cover the pros and cons of "shooting and moving" vs. "moving and shooting" vs. "shooting while moving".

The last portion of Phase 2 will test all your knowledge and skill using a training exercise known as a M.O.U.T.  (Military Operation in Urban Terrain).
During the M.O.U.T. exercise you will engage multiple targets at various distances, using all the tactical principals of cover and concealment, double taps, breaking your plane, shooting and moving, immediate action drills, ect. ect. ect.

This is the "Real Deal", training for the real world of personal protection!
Learn these life saving skills and enhance your overall tactical profile.
Stack the odds in your favor. Sign up today.
Notice: You must complete the Phase 1 class to participate in the Phase 2 program!
To attend: Personal Protection Pistol - Phase 2

Cost:  $350.00

You must have completed Phase 1
You must be at least18 or accompanied by an adult.
You must pre-register with D.T.S.
To pre-register
Call 509.910.8869
Click here to email robertdlangford@hotmail.com
I am available for private training up to 3 participants.

This must be scheduled at least 1 month in advance.

Since this is "private" training, the cost will be $350.00 per participant.