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-Quick Kill Rifle-
(instinctive shooting)
The Quick Kill Rifle program is the fastest method of tactical shooting on the planet - PERIOD!

This is NOT a sniper course!!! In fact, you will not even be using your sights or scope.

You will learn to shoot an asprin out of the air - without using your sights!

The Quick Kill Rifle is designed as a close range (100 meters or closer) ultra high speed method of instinctive combat shooting.

Designed for the close range jungle type battlefield of Vietnam, this course will teach you to instantly aquire your target and fire at the exact same instant.

The course starts with an hour of safety, range rules, legal issues, and weapon familiarity.
Next comes the fundamentals - proper positioning and stance, where to focus, when to fire.
Then we start by shooting golf balls out of the air. Yep, thats right, you heard me correctly.

This portion of Quick Kill Rifle is taught using a BB gun. The skills aquired are the same with a BB gun or a .308 assult rifle. We use a BB gun only for aerial targets, because  even a .22 rifle, shot in the air, can travel  for miles. The BB guns will be provided free of charge.

Why practice shooting aerial targets you ask? To gain the skills needed for engaging moving targets on the ground is the main reason. For building true skill.

Once skill is developed via. aerial targets we will move on to real rifles and ground targets.
You will need a .22 cal. rifle with a 10 round magazine - minimum.

​By the end of the one day course you will be able to instantly and accurately engage moving human size targets at around 100 meters.

What you will need to attend the Quick Kill Rifle program:
A.) 1 .22cal. semi-automatic rifle with a 10 round magazine.
----You are welcome and encouraged to bring a larger caliber rifle also such as a AR15 type.
B.) Minimum of 250 rounds of ammunition.
C.) A baseball cap, safety glasses, hearing protection, and long pants. (no shorts)
D.) Bring a lunch and something to drink. (NO alcoholic beverages)
E.) We will be outside so please dress accordingly for weather.

The cost for Quick Kill Rifle is $250.00
You must pre-register with Dynamic Tactical Systems

To register:
Please call 509.910.8869
Email Robert at  robertdlangford@hotmail.com
Quick Kill Rifle 2017

This course is available on a private basis with a class size up to 4 people.

You must schedule this event with Robert at least 1 month in advance.

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required. 
This short video shows Robert Langford and Matt Guderjohn practicing aerial targets with a rifle. The rifle is a Rock River Arms LAR8 .308 Cal. with all sights and optics removed. The targets are thrown aprox. 20-25 feet high and 15-20 feet in distance.

We are on a private 20,000 acre range.