Dynamic Tactical Systems (D.T.S.)
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D.T.S. Tactical Edged Weapons Programs
       D.T.S. Professional Tactical Edged Weapon Programs are reality based training covering all the vital areas of edged weapon use from close quarter battle (CQB) to long range knife to knife encounters.

       Mr. Langford is considered one of the best edged weapon experts and tactical trainers in the U.S.A.
Mr. Langford had the good fortune of training with James A. Keating (The most well known edged weapon expert on the planet). Roberts deep and profound knowledge of edged weapons and their uses spans 35 years of training in the Asian systems as well as the Euro / American methods of blade use.

       Mr. Langford appears in many edged weapons instructional videos produced by James Keatings Combat Technologies. Including Knife Craft 1-3, Reverse Grip Knife 1-3, American Blade Concepts 1-5, R.A.D. Folder, Spyderco Civilian, Auto Knife / Balisong, Sword & Dagger 1&2, and many others.

Mr. Langford was one of the instructors at the legendary "Riddle of Steel" seminar.

Mr. Langford also assisted Mr. Keating with his world famous "Bowie Knife Fighting" seminars. The very best of blade to blade knife fighting.
Robert Langford preforms a 5 cut flow with a full-sized
18" Bagwell Bowie in 59/100ths of a second! Twice!
Photo courtesy of Soldier of Fortune Magazine
Oct. 1997 Article "Riddle of Steel" by Bill Bagwell.
​Dynamic Tactical Systems is now accepting applications for a weekly Edged Weapon class held 
Tuesdays 5:30-7pm
The location is inYakima WA at a private facility.

D.T.S. Professional Edged Weapon training brings you the best of the Asian and European blade systems.

This professional training is based on "real world" blade techniques and tactics.

You must be 18yrs old or accompanied by an adult.

If you are interested in attending this weekly class
please contact Robert Langford @

Click here to email

WARNING - Beware of imitators! To verify my "credentials", please feel free to contact
James Keating / Combat Technologies at comtech@bmi.net