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Personal Protection Pistol - Phase 1
Personal Protection Pistol - Phase 1
This is a 1 day program designed to teach you the basics of personal protection.

(Classroom time) We will spend about 1 hour covering safety / range rules / legal issues  and carry methods.

(Range time) Here is where you learn to draw your pistol in a safe manner, neutralize aggressors, and escape to safety in a efficient, prudent, and lawful manner.

You will need a minimum of 250 rounds of ammunition for this phase.

You will learn the best techniques as well as personal protection tactics.

(for example)
1.) Basic "draw and fire" - Stance, positioning, draw stroke, sight allignment, safety, re-holstering, ect.
2.) "Double Tap" A well known gunfighting technique designed to stop an aggressor immediatly.
3.) "Multiole Targets" Tactics to engage multiple threats in an efficient and tactical manner
4.) "Cover vs. Concealment" Learn the tactics for shooting around, over, under, and through barriers.
5.) "Immediate Action Drills" This covers tactical reloading and clearing of weapon malfunctions.

There is lots more in this Phase 1 program. Sign up and see for yourself.

*Items you will need to attend Phase 1 "Personal Protection Pistol"

A.) 1 Semi automatic pistol or 1 revolver and a functional holster.
B.) 2 spare magazines or 2 speed loaders.
C.) 250 rounds of ball ammunition minimum. There is no ammo limit except for time constraints.
D.) A baseball hat, protective glasses, hearing protection, and long pants (no shorts)
E.) You will need to bring a lunch and something to drink. (NO Alcoholic beverages!)
​F.) This program is outdoors, dress accordingly for weather.
To attend: Personal Protection Pistol - Phase 1
You must be 18 or accompanied by an adult.
The cost for Phase 1 is $250.00
You must pre register with D.T.S.
To pre register: please call 509.910.8869
Click here to Email robertdlangford@hotmail.com
Personal Protection Pistol - Phase 1

​May 11th 2019

Please email or call to schedule at least 1 month in advance.

The cost to participate is $ 250.00 per individual.