Dynamic Tactical Systems (D.T.S.)
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A comprehensive blend of reality based training, defensive skills, and tactical principles.
 Robert Langford and the D.T.S. team of instructors provide the finest reality based training in tactical firearms, edged weapons, impact weapons, flexible weapons, and empty hand skills. Mr. Langford has over 35 years experience and 25 years teaching experience. Mr. Langford is dedicated to bringing you the best possible learning enviroment so you can gain personal control and real world skill / tactics. These programs are designed to be efficient and reality based. Skill is gained in days not years!

 With violence on the rise locally and world wide, now is the time to educate yourself and your loved ones. You must learn to rely on yourself and your own abilities. Dynamic Tactical Systems is here to help you achieve your goals. Personal protection plans are the strategic use of tactical knowledge gained through training and education.

 Dynamic Tactical Systems programs are designed for quick and easy learning. Our programs follow a learning progression. This allows for maximum information retention. We want you to complete our programs and say "Wow, I really learned a lot of valuable information in a very short time." 

 Thanks for visiting the D.T.S. web-site. We hope to see you training with us this year.
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